COVID-19: A Makeup Free World Exists

Real Talk. As much as I love cosmetics and all things beauty it has been such a pleasure not having to wear makeup the past 4 months due to quarantine and COVID-19, in general. Ladies, are you with me? I haven’t experienced a makeup free world since High School, when I started wearing makeup! I forgot such a world exists!

My thought process…

Now don’t get me wrong. I love Sephora just as much as the next woman (and am proud of my hard earned Rouge status). However, it’s important to give your skin a break. Temps are in the 90s most days during a Houston summer (which runs from about April-October). There is nothing worse than feeling like your face is melting from the moment you step outside. Thanks to some incredible skincare products (which were well worth the investment) I don’t worry too much about it.

Similarly, sweating underneath a face mask is no picnic, but man, I feel so liberated. I have more time daily to focus on myself, my work, and my husband. (I know what you must be thinking. How much time does she spend on her makeup?) Prior to COVID, I probably spent about 15 minutes on average applying makeup daily —- maybe more if I had to reapply for a night out. Hey, I’ll take whatever additional time I can get! It’s freeing just knowing I don’t have to think about it. I can leave the house on a whim and not have to worry about what my face looks like. (My hair is another story!)

Is this how men feel? If so, I don’t know if I ever want to go back!

Sharing my faves…

If you think I’m absolutely crazy going makeup free outside the house I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite products that have been particularly helpful during COVID, when opting for a simple, natural look. Less is best. You can achieve a great look with just a few products.

If a makeup free existence during COVID-19 isn’t your thing here are my favorite products (aka what’s in my makeup bag)

I’d love to hear where you stand on the topic. Which group do you fall into?

☑️ makeup free only at home

☑️ wearing makeup for Zoom / biz calls

☑️ rocking eye makeup with a face mask

☑️ makeup free all the way

No matter which category you fall into it’s important to acknowledge the #SmallWins. During a time when it’s so easy to feel down in the dumps I’m here to remind you to look for gratitude and joy in the little things — like a makeup free existence.

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  1. Beth

    I’ve been rocking the brow and eye makeup mostly. Being that wearing a mask is required, I find that wearing makeup isn’t completely necessary.

    1. admin-val

      Yes! Eye makeup alone can make such a difference. I feel you!

  2. Elizabeth Kruger

    I work as a nurse so I still work at the hospital. We have to wear a mask (obviously) so I just wear eye makeup to work…. (I can NOT leave the house without mascara). I normally make it simple and just do some eyeliner (I love colors so I switch it up) a little under eye concealer and of course mascara. When I’m not working it’s 50/50. Some days I skip the makeup, other days I do a full face as well as get dressed even if I’m not seeing anyone or going anywhere. It’s a great way to feel “normal” if that even means anything anymore.

    1. admin-val

      First off, thank you for the incredible work you do day in and day out. I can’t imagine how tough it must be right now! I think it’s a great idea to play up your eyes. A good mascara (along with an eyelash curler) goes a long way! I agree that sometimes it’s nice to get dolled up a bit even if you’re staying in – it’s more for your mental sanity if nothing else! Stay healthy and safe!

  3. Victoria

    I’ve totally been skimping on foundation and going extra on the eye makeup! The masks + foundation were killing my skin! Any good cleansers you can recommend?

    1. admin-val

      I hear you, same here! Plus it’s so much easier to wash your mask when it’s not covered in makeup! A little CC+ cream goes a long way if you need some coverage 😉 I’d be happy to recommend some cleansers. Email me at to tell me more about your skin type and any concerns. I can offer some suggestions from there. Would you like to see a blog post highlighting my skincare routine? I’ve been thinking about sharing the products I use.

  4. Victoria

    Yes!! Would love to see this! I’ll shoot you an email now! Thanks for your quick reply!

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