Discovering Your Inner Style: GIRLS’ LIFE

One question that new clients often find most challenging to answer is when I ask them to describe their current style. It’s also one of the most important questions. How can you refine your style if you don’t know what it is? (Spoiler alert: you can’t!)

No matter where you are on your style journey think about the type of message you want to portray through your outfits. Ask yourself, ‘what are my style goals?’ Not sure where to start? Try creating a style/vision board.

Gathering a collection of images will allow you to find common threads and these can vary quite a bit. For instance, they can range from having a number of pieces of a certain color/color palette or a certain silhouette. Perhaps you have lots of pieces from the same designer or pieces made of the same fabric. Pinterest is the perfect place to help you get started. Your style board should look something like this…

Sample of a Pinterest style board.

There are many other ways you can work on discovering and refining your style. I shared a few of these tips with GIRLS’ LIFE magazine, a best-selling and award-winning platform for tween and teen girls. GL’s mission is dedicated to informing, inspiring and entertaining girls around the globe. #Amen.

Many people don’t focus on their image or style until they land a big job or make X amount of money. The truth is you can have great style at any age or budget. In addition, your style is something that evolves as you do. Therefore, it’s important to cleanse and update your wardrobe regularly to ensure it remains relevant. It should always line up with where you are in your life personally and professionally.

Above all, your wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle, your career, and your personal style. In addition, it should always work within your budget. My style has certainly changed from my 20s to my 30s. I look forward to seeing how it changes in the next decade. I hope you’ll allow me to join you on your style journey and achieve wardrobe and styling success with a little help from Shop With Val.