From the airport to the runway in under an hour.

Two weeks ago marked the closing night of the first annual Fashion x Houston. As soon as I heard about it I knew I had to go. It sounded like THE fashion event of the year in Houston, showcasing independent and emerging designers, including a gallery of pop up shops hosted by jewelry and accessories designer. (Sold!) There was one problem. I was flying back from NYC that evening, and the odds seemed impossible getting there on time. However, I was determined to make it work (even if I had to roll in with luggage). Here’s what happened…

My flight was scheduled to land at 5:30 at Hobby. Registration for the event was from 6-7 and it had been made clear that guests would not be permitted in after 7 (so I told myself  7 was doable). Forget all the elements that were against me: possible flight delays, rush hour traffic and where/when/how would I get ready for such a big fashion event — at the airport? Well, yes. That’s exactly where I planned to glam up.

With a crazy two weeks of work behind me, I had no time to find something fab for myself to wear! Luckily, I shop well under pressure (as all good personal shoppers should). With about an hour to spare the night before the event I made a quick run to a department store in NYC and skimmed through four floors to ensure I didn’t miss a thing before heading to the fitting room. I walked in with four dresses feeling really confident and walked out with two – two very different style dresses, as I was unsure of what the dress code was going to be for such a big fashion event as this. So I decided on keeping my options open. Later that evening I sent photos of myself in each of the dresses to a few friends to get some opinions and it was instantly clear which one was the winner. So I packed it in my carry on (rolled up, of course, so that it’ll come out wrinkle free) along with a pair of nude pumps (I don’t travel without them) and my cosmetic bag. This was going to happen.

By the grace of G-d my flight somehow landed 30 minutes early. I called my fiancee to let him know of my early arrival and to get his butt over to me quickly! Upon exiting the plane, I immediately parked myself at the first ladies room I saw at the airport terminal and so the transformation began. From a maxi dress, denim jacket, fedora and ballet flats the bathroom attendant watched a caterpillar turn into a butterfly right before her eyes in a matter of minutes. Needless to say, we were best buds by the end of our interaction. “Bye hunnie, have fun tonight! You look beautiful,” she said.

My award winning fiancee arrived shortly after with a stack of Tupperware filled with a three course meal. (The man doesn’t joke around when it comes to food.) He thought I had traveled all glammed up as he couldn’t imagine how/when/where I would’ve gotten ready otherwise. (Girl’s got skills.) The forces of nature had aligned that evening. There was no traffic and I got to the event at 6pm – one of the first to arrive, with my guest arriving just minutes before me. He dropped me off, took my luggage home and then the night began…

The night was filled with incredible fashion, talented designers and hundreds of fashion forward men and women. The icing on the cake was having the event’s Instagram page repost one of my photos from the night. I guess they liked the dress too 😉