Giving my own closet some loving!

Many of my clients have said to me over the years, “I’d love to see your closet. I bet it’s amazing!” In my seven years of business, I’ve never exposed the depths of my closet/wardrobe. In Houston, I’m fortunate enough to have two walk-in closets. (To my New Yorkers, I promise I’m not bragging.) Photographed below is one of my closets, in which I store my fall/winter pieces and (all) my shoes.

Recently I noticed this closet was rapidly being taken over by over 200 items I am currently selling on Poshmark. It was getting a bit out of hand, to say the least. So what did I do? I gave myself a Closet Organization session. About two and a half hours later I felt refreshed and rejuvenated by the transformation that occurred before my eyes. I believe physical clutter is tied to mental clutter and let me tell you, it felt great to eliminate that! It even inspired me to tackle one room at a time throughout my home with the same approach. Nearly two weeks later and my home has never looked better!

The first two pictures below are the “before.” (Like my wedding dress hanging in the middle of everything? it’s for sale, if you’re interested!) Notice that there’s not much rhyme or reason as to how things are stored. Things are just stuffed in (as some of you may be able to relate to). Keep clicking for the “after.” I purchased clear shoe boxes from Bed Bath & Beyond for every pair of shoes I owned without a box. This already helped it to feel more organized. i like storing my shoes in their original box, but if it’s hard to tell what is inside each box i recommend switching over to clear boxes for all your shoes.

not only did I barely get rid of anything, but by simply reorganizing I was able to clear up space on the floor and even added three piles of clothes into the closet (seen on the top shelf in the last photo) that were not inside previously. I can now find and get to things more easily. Therefore, the guest closet can now actually be used for guests. (I imagine my family will be thankful for this when they visit.)

Moral of the story: If you’re looking to simplify and/or organize your wardrobe contact Shop With Val to set up a consultation. I’ll do all the work and you’ll be left with a clean, organized closet that will make getting dressed in the morning easier. Promise.

P.S. You can shop my closet on Poshmark by following me at ShopWithValerie. #ItPaysToShopWithVal