Sharing my go-to lipsticks on ‘National Lipstick Day’

Happy #NationalLipstickDay! Like many of you, my makeup routine has drastically changed since COVID. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been wearing a LOT less makeup the past four months. If I’m going on a Zoom call I may put CC+ cream and lipstick on to feel put together. I quickly learned that having any makeup on your face becomes uncomfortable when you’re sweating under a face mask. So when I’m running errands I go makeup free. (I’ll admit I wore lipstick under my mask in the beginning because it felt weird not to! Anyone else?)

It’s important to find small ways to feel put together during times like this. Our routine and sense of normalcy have been turned upside down. Therefore, I like to focus on the little things we can do for ourselves to make us feel better. Surprisingly, a little lipstick goes a long way. So on National Lipstick Day, I want to share with you my go-to lip products . Some are creme, some are crayon, some are lip stains, and some are glosses. No matter what your preference, these options will put a little pep in your step, while allowing you to maintain a low maintenance routine.

Now you may already know that closet organization is MY JAM. I also am a firm believer in keeping your beauty products organized too. (Two words: Sephora samples) You’re so much more likely to use what you have when you KNOW what you have and WHERE to find it. So we’ll start small for now and I’ll help you organize your lipsticks with this gem

Tiered Lipstick Organizer I own from byAlegory

In addition, you can find all my favorite organization products to help you find better storage solutions for your beauty products, accessories and wardrobe. The best part is that nearly every single one of them is available through Amazon Prime.

If you’re in the Houston area contact me to discuss scheduling a closet organization session. When your belongings are organized so is your brain. I promise, it’s very therapeutic.

Now go put on a fierce lip shade and take a selfie. Don’t forget to tag @shopwithval #ItPaysToShopWithVal