Shop With Val’s Podcast Debut!

Just a few weeks ago I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to be the featured guest on my friend’s podcast. Her name is Julie Lauren and the podcast is called “Hashtag No Filter.” Julie is a writer and author of a book on dating in your 20s in NYC. (Hence, you can imagine how easy it was to write a book on this subject!) She recently launched her podcast with the hopes of connecting young women on a variety of topics. In addition, she hopes to engage, enlighten and often make you laugh out loud.

As the title may imply the theme of the podcast is raw and authentic conversations with real people. Therefore, no topic is off limits and there is definitely no filter! Julie’s humor and lighthearted demeanor keep every episode entertaining no matter what the topic is. Tune in to Episode 7 to learn how I got started in the styling business and my tips for cleaning out your closet. Lastly, you won’t want to miss the most unique request I’ve received!

 Be sure to Be sure to “like” the episode and “follow” Julie’s podcast to stay updated on all new episodes. They come out each Sunday. Happy listening! xo