Styling the Staples

In helping clients with their wardrobe I often notice that they struggle because they are lacking the basics. It’s easy to get caught up with beautiful pieces or sale items, but it’s important to focus on making sure your wardrobe has all the essentials before you shop for anything else. I’ve shared 20 of my top essentials for building a capsule wardrobe on Houston Life. Click below to watch the segment.

To recap, here’s a checklist including my top 20 wardrobe essentials. I’ve included photos showing different ways to style each piece – showing the versatility that allows you to enjoy wearing these pieces for work, casually on the weekend or for a night out. I hope you enjoy!

1) black dress (appropriate for work and evening)

2) black knee length skirt

2) solid light neutral colored blouse (white, cream, blush, etc.)

4) denim jacket

5) leather jacket

6) chambray (denim) shirt

7) solid colored blouses (in soft or bright colors)

8) dark wash slim/skinny jeans

9) black blazer (for work and weekend)

10) tapered black dress pants

11) non sheer fitted white tee shirt

12) black flats

13) nude flats

14) black pump

15) nude pump

16) black ankle booties

17) large structured (work) bag (in black or a neutral shade)

18) black crossbody

19) neutral crossbody

20) clutch (try metallic!)

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  1. Kathi

    Where do you find a “non-sheer” white tee?!
    A rare thing?!? Everything I SO see thru!!!

    1. Valerie Halfon

      Hi Kathi, for this segment I used ATM and Theory. They both have thick, non-sheer options. Feel free to email me for links to specific suggestions.

  2. Victoria

    Love this list! So helpful! What brand was the silk blouse on your segment?

    1. Valerie Halfon

      Thanks Victoria! I’d be happy to provide you with more details. I used a number of silk blouses. Which one/color were you referring to?

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