Jia Collection: reversible women’s wear!

Over the last six years as a personal shopper, some of the challenges I noticed that women are facing in their daily routine are that more women are going to multiple functions each day, juggling many tasks at work and home, or traveling more frequently for work or leisure. Looking good without having to own or travel with a lot of clothing isn’t always easy. In addition, with an overwhelming amount of choices and a closet that is likely already full, many women still seem to struggle to find the right things to wear that make them feel good.

A few months ago I stumbled upon Jia Collection in NYC, a compilation of pieces (both separates and dresses) that could be worn reversible — some pieces even had 3 or 4 ways to wear them. Talk about versatile fashion for women on the go! I was instantly intrigued.

Designer, Jia Li, is all about helping people through functional designs, productivity and efficiency. Her innovative designs have been featured in Forbes, InStyle, O, Elle, Lucky, and Travel+Leisure. It’s time I pass this gem of a collection on to you. Use my referral code to receive 20% off your first purchase and code “shopwithval” thereafter, to receive 15% off future purchases. It’s a win win deal. Happy hunting!