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It’s time to talk handbags.

When updating your wardrobe or planning an outfit it’s important not to neglect accessories. A great shoe or handbag can make your look and tie everything together. For instance, the right bag may match your necklace or your belt. This ensures your look feels cohesive and thought out. In other words, not only does a great bag transform your outfit but it can also make getting dressed a breeze.

Therefore, I am very selective with the handbags I purchase for myself and with what I recommend to clients. Sticking to neutral handbags can allow you to have less options that are more versatile! I love the idea of categorizing your handbags by season just as you do your clothing and shoes. A black handbag is neutral and versatile but may not be the best pairing if you’re wearing a bright colored floral blouse or pastel dress.

When I think about summer I think of something that exudes beachy, tropical vibes. Ideally, you want something you can wear locally, but that also works perfectly for a warm weather getaway. For example, woven bags made out of wood or bamboo hit the nail on the head. They’re typically light brown or cream/tan in color and scream summer when you look at them.

I challenge you to try picking out anything in your closet without having to change your purse. Do you have a bag that complements nearly anything in your wardrobe? If so, is it light in color and seasonally appropriate?

If you’re looking for that quintessential summer bag that is versatile and works for both day and night look no further! You can find it right here…

Current styles summer handbags from J. McLaughlin.

From woven styles to bamboo, clutches to crossbody bags, J. McLaughlin has got you covered. Shop my favorite styles for summer in all shapes and sizes and let me know what you end up with.

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